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Rock Salt Delivery for Your Business

rock salt for business

It is that time Ohioans…the dead of winter is here. With it comes snow and ice…tons of snow and ice, for months on end. While you may relish in winter activities during your personal time, this season can reek havoc on your business, especially when it comes to slips and falls. This my friend, is why you need rock salt delivery for your business.

This is an often forgotten safety task that if handled properly, can save you thousands of dollars in not only avoiding injury claims and suits but, lost time and production. These sorts of accidents are the #1 cause of accidental injury that comes with an average price tag of $24,000! [1] When tallied the total dollars lost by US businesses for failing in prevention is $13-$14 million dollars each year. [2] Slips and falls, either outside or in, can be blamed for a large amount of injuries to both your employees and customers. Having insurance is a no brainer but, why not prevent the accident before it ever happens?

Slippery floors are often the culprit but, what lurks outdoors may be an even bigger issue. A good rule of thumb, for proper maintenance of your business, is to start from the outside and work your way in. Ice tends to hide under snow, eliminating the ability of pedestrians to visually avoid the danger areas.

The key component to limiting outdoor slip and fall potential in your business is to thoroughly coat walking areas with rock salt. pay close attention to steps, sidewalks, driveways, and parking lots (especially if they are blacktop). To make it even easier, we recommend a regular delivery of rock salt to your business. Having rock salt delivered to your companyon an automatic schedule eliminates any shortages due to a forgotten order by your manager. It also keeps you from scrambling at the last minute when a snow storm shows up with no warning. You always be well stocked and prepared to fight old man winter. All the while keeping your employees and customers safe from injuries as a result of slipping on ice.

The best part is, this will eliminate one more item from your already too full list of tasks. Rock salt delivery comes with the benefit of a set it and forget it system. Simply establish an initial amount and your delivery driver will maintain your stock for you. Never again will you need to run to a local supplier or make yet another phone call. As your representative becomes familiar with your usage and takes upcoming weather events into consideration, you will be left with a perfect supply of safety salt for the season.

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