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The Life of a Five Gallon Water Bottle

The Life of a 5-gallon Water Bottle

Single-use bottled water has gained a less than stellar rep in recent years. It is wasteful; the bottles are piling up in landfills and contaminating our oceans. Also, those corporate tyrants calling the shots are drying up water aquifer right where they are needed most. All not without a small amount of merit, all missing the whole story but, most importantly all with a viable alternative.

I am always amazed at the extreme answers to the single-use bottled water controversy; bans and protesting filled with unanswered questions and short-sighted rhetoric.

What if (as many in our city realize) I can’t drink from my tap?

Is one to be criticized for enjoying the taste of a refreshing alternative to soda?

Is one to be hated for their contaminated pipes forcing them into the world of bottled water?

I am here to tell you there is a solution that will satisfy both sides, you can have your water and drink it too. Without bans. Without guilt. Without skewed facts. Meet our friend the 5-gallon water bottle.

Water Cooler

The 5-gallon water bottle is the backbone of our company. Clevelander’s have been enjoying the pure water in this format since 1897. The best part is, you (the consumer) can enjoy a trust worthy and healthy source of hydration without any remorse. The life of a 5-gallon water bottle is long and arduous but, these tough guys stay the course providing you with pure, fresh water without fail time and time again.

Our water bottles begin their lives in Pennsylvania making their way to Cleveland via semi truck landing at our dock doors ready for their journey. Once they are inspected, sanitized, filled and sealed, they head right back out our doors usually within 48 hours. From there they are taken on a carefully planned local route within our delivery area and handed off to their new owner, or more appropriately borrower. You see, 5-gallon bottles are not one and done, they are returnable. Once Joe Water Drinker finishes every last drop our bottle once again finds its way back to our shop via the same tight route. After a thorough inspection, testing and sanitization, it is filled, sealed and back out the doors.

This journey occurs dozens of times (as long as the bottle is well cared for at all destinations) until it finally reaches the point of retirement. At which time, the bottle is placed in our on-site plastic bailer where it is compressed and packaged for a local recycling company. I should mention the cardboard that the bottles come to in and the caps are bailed and recycled as well. Resulting in zero waste.

The moral of the story is using 5-gallon bottled water is a sustainable method of bottled water delivery. Simply fill your reusable water containers from a water cooler for on the go hydration. I am certain that supplying this alternative rather than banning choices is a far more effective way to reduce our impact.

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